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BCT-Computer Notes

USES: -Storing a mixture of data, -Providing information to multiple users

ADVANTAGES: -All of the information is together
-Info is easy access
-Many people can access the same database at the
same time -Improved data security
- Reduced data entry, storage, and
retrieval costs

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ADVANTAGES: -Can easily input images
-Templates are built in for different appearances
-Can add notes pages
-Can easily add media and recordings
-Exciting than a word document or hand written presentation
-Can print in hand outs for audience to make notes

DISADVANTAGES: -Features e.g. animations/backgrounds can distract the
audience from…

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click of a button
-Doesn't use any paper (good for the environment)

DISADVANTAGES: -Need a computer
-Hard to tell what the other person means
-Not too good for social skills


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