Business Communication Systems, Computer based

Computer based assesment revision for exam on wednesday the 9th May 2012, including of:

uses, advantages and disadvnatges of databases, spreadsheets, memos, emails presentations :D

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BCT-Computer Notes
USES: -Storing a mixture of data, -Providing information to multiple users
ADVANTAGES: -All of the information is together
-Info is easy access
-Many people can access the same database at the
same time -Improved data security
- Reduced data entry, storage, and
retrieval costs
DISADVANTAGES: _ -Database systems are complex, difficult, and time-
consuming to design
-Initial training required for all programmers and
users -Suitable hardware needed & software start-up costs
-Large file size
Spread Sheets:
USES: -Calculating sums/averages
ADVANTAGES: -They are fast and reliable
-Easy to use
-Unlimited space to work with
-Use of formulas
-One formula changes the rest does automatically
DISADVANTAGES: -If one formula is wrong the rest will be
-Can get mixed up with the different formulas
(e.g. Sums/averages)
USES: -Giving oral info to an audience

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ADVANTAGES: -Can easily input images
-Templates are built in for different appearances
-Can add notes pages
-Can easily add media and recordings
-Exciting than a word document or hand written presentation
-Can print in hand outs for audience to make notes
DISADVANTAGES: -Features e.g.…read more

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Doesn't use any paper (good for the environment)
DISADVANTAGES: -Need a computer
-Hard to tell what the other person means
-Not too good for social skills…read more


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