Bullet point 3 - Manufacturing in the UK - Research

This is full research for use in answerinf bullet point 3 questions of the AQA spec research theme 

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Bullet Point 3: Impact of government policy on businesses manufacturing in the UK (Automotive)
Definitions: Key Theory:
Government intervention is required to ensure the UK has the infrastructure, skills and access to
Industrial ­ directly influence industry sector development investment to allow manufacturing to thrive
Macroeconomic ­ concern performance, structure, behaviour of economy as a whole, rather than individual
markets Intellectual Property Right is important in innovative manufacturing industries
Microeconomic ­e.g education, training, science, technology, innovation, regional, competition, environment Financially attractive environments provide incentives to locate manufacturing industries in the UK
Government support in export markets will help manufacturers fully develop their export potential
Opportunities/Benefits: Key Facts and Figures: Specific application to the automotive industry
1. Regional Growth Fund ­ meeting the educational policies set by the government. Fiscal policies ­ 1. £9.3m grant for the Nissan note to be built in the UK. Production would have been in India. Keep Jobs
taxation and government spending. in the UK. Currently provide 6000 people jobs and 400 in sunder lands 2 sites.
2. specialist engineering skills 2. Airbus ­ world's leading aircraft, received £1.4m funding from the fund to help provide training to help
£190m investment in the production of new lowcarbon diesel engines at its Dagenham plant. £8.m being
from the regional growth fund. Will create over 300 new jobs
3. Low carbon to meet environmental policies from the government
3. £8.9m public money into low carbon engines that will lead to 318 new jobs in the Dagenham
Government has committed over £4bn to industry strategy. manufacturing plant in Essex
General benefits of industry strategy:
Greater control over quality More stable costs (i.e exchange rates) Allows opportunities to pursue The government are:
growth Providing funding into the low carbon vehicles
Allows more jobs to be created and more funding to be made for more research Allows the UK to be Incentives to move into the purchase of electric vehicles
competitive in the global race
Part of this objective is to clean the conventional engine as well as fund the research into the new technology.
Short and term investment needs to be considered
4. See Inside Manufacturing (SIM) government scheme
4. More teachers and young people will go behind the scenes ­­ gives people a firsthand view of
modern manufacturing and the exciting careers that are available to inspire the next generation to go
into engineering and manufacturing.
Threats/Problems: Key Facts and Figures:
1. Green production ­ new policy by the government to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that are 1. (CCC) committee on climate change ­ need the support from the government or they are going to fall
being produced in the economy into the valley of death and the scheme is going to fail
Government has committed to an 80% cut in carbon emissions by 2050.
2. Skills training ­ more skilled staff are needed in the sector, and more STEM schools and schemes 2. National Grid is among 11 successful bidders for government funding to design their own skills training
need to be introduced, as staff are not specialised enough ­ this will help the economy to grow and overcome the EOP (Employer Ownership Pilot)
Key Evaluation points and depends upon factors:

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To what extent is government investment in businesses manufacturing in the UK the most significant factor in the revival of British industry? Justify your answer with reference to your research.
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