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This booklet contains CONFIDENTIAL test questions.
It MUST BE KEPT SECURE. It should not be opened
Ma until the mental mathematics test is due to start on
Thursday 12 May. Early opening, up to one hour before
the test starts, is permissible only if papers are needed
for administrative purposes.
LEVELS Mathematics tests
3­ 5 Mental mathematics test
2005 Audiotape/CD transcript
This booklet contains a transcript of the key stage 2 mental
mathematics test. It should be used ONLY in cases of audiotape
or CD failure or for specific special arrangements outlined in
the 2005 Assessment and reporting arrangements booklet for
key stage 2.

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Notes for teacher-read version
In the event of an audiotape or CD failure, the test administrator should follow the instructions on pages 2
and 5.
1. Children should have only pens or pencils. They should not have rubbers, rulers, calculators or any
mathematical equipment. Access to paper for working out answers is not allowed.
2. Ensure that each child has an answer sheet. Tell the children to write their name and school in the box
at the top of the answer sheet.
3.…read more

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Test questions
`Now we are ready to start the test. For this group of questions, you will have 5 seconds to work out each
answer and write it down.'
The questions
1 What is double thirty-four?
2 Subtract twenty-one from one hundred.
3 What is four multiplied by nine?
4 What is seven-tenths as a percentage?
5 Write half a million in figures.
`For the next group of questions, you will have 10 seconds to work out each answer and write it down.…read more

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Teacher's reference copy of pupil answer sheet
Key stage 2 mathematics 2005 mental mathematics test
First name Last name
Practice question
10 10
Time: 5 seconds 11 p 32p 11
1 1
2 2
3 9 3 ° 12
4 % 4 13 13
5 5 14 ml 14
Time: 10 seconds 15 30 40 15
6 2°C ­ 5°C 5°C 6
0°C ­1°C Time: 15 seconds
16 23 16
7 cm 7
17 p 17
8 5 8
18 18…read more

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Read out the following script, using exactly these words:
Listen carefully to the instructions I am going to give you. When I have finished reading them, I will
answer any questions. However, you will not be able to ask any questions once the test has begun.
I will start by reading a practice question. Then I am going to ask you 20 questions for the test.…read more

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First published in 2005
© Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 2005
Reproduction, storage, adaptation or translation, in any form or by any means, of this publication is
prohibited without prior written permission of the publisher, unless within the terms of licences issued
by the Copyright Licensing Agency. Excerpts may be reproduced for the purpose of research, private
study, criticism or review, or by educational institutions solely for educational purposes, without
permission, providing full acknowledgement is given.…read more


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