Build up to war - 7 steps to world war 2

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Rearmament (1933 )
What did Hitler do?
In 1933, Germany left the Disarmament Conference and The League
From 1933, Germany began rearming secretly
From 1935, Germany began rearming publicly
In 1935, Germany made a naval deal with Britain to build its navy to 35%
of the British Navy
Warships Aircraft Soldiers
1932 30 36 100,000
1939 95 8,250 950,000
The Result
For Hitler: -Happy that he had built up his army
-Realised the League is a pushover
For Germany: -People like Hitler as he made Germany stronger
For Versailles: -Being ignored, nothing is happening, worry about other
terms of the treaty being broken
For France: -Worried Germany is going to invade
The Saar (1935)
What Happened?
The Saar region was taken away from Germany in The Treaty of Versailles, but
a plebiscite (vote) was to be taken after 15 years to decide whether it should

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Germany. In 1935, the League held the promised plebiscite. The
result was an overwhelming success for Hitler, 90% of the population voted to
be under German rule.…read more

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France refused to act without British support as they didn't
know how weak the German army still was. Hitler's gamble paid off.…read more

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Nazi troops, 99.75% voted for Anschluss. Hitler managed to take over
Austria and break the treaty again with no confrontation from Britain or France.…read more

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Chamberlain (GB Prime Minister) got Hitler to sign an agreement saying he
wouldn't ask for anymore territory.…read more

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On September 1st 1939 the German army invaded Poland from the West. On
17th September Soviet forces invaded Poland from the East. Poland soon fell.
If Hitler had been planning ahead at all, then in his mind the next move would
be an attack on his temporary ally, The USSR. He was certain Britain and France
would not go to war over Poland, however his triumph was spoilt by a nasty
surprise.…read more


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