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PATH…read more

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The Fourth Nobel Truth
It is a whole way of cultivating life
Also known as the middle path
It ultimately leads to enlightenment
Rahula said practically the whole of Buddha's
teachings over the 45 years deal with aspects
of the path
The Nobel Eightfold is systematic and
methodical in dealing with suffering in life
It allows you to achieve a state of wisdom,
peace and eventually nirvana…read more

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Broken up into 3 sections:
Prajna (Wisdom): based on understanding that
suffering can be removed by good deeds and also
realisation of no permanent self
Sila (Morality): based on Buddha's compassion
for suffering beings, good deeds make lives of
others better and inspire enlightenment
Samadhi (Metal Training): by becoming aware of
what motivates us we begin to see true nature of
things. Meditation is living skilfully and leads to
mindfulness…read more

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Split into two section:
Right Understanding
Right Thought…read more

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Pali: Samma Ditthi
Buddhists seek to deepen understanding of
life by following the Buddha
The Buddha is a role model that shows how
to liberate yourself from Samsara
Classed as the starting point for the path: it
was the `forerunner'
Right view governs Buddhists attitudes
It involves accepting the importance of
generosity and moral action as well as
accepting rebirth…read more

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There are two kinds:
Mundane and Supramundane
Mundane: Operates within the confines of
the world, involves `right view of the
ownership of action'
You have to understand volitional karma,
kusala, akusala, overcoming 3 mental
poisons, the nurture of kamma phala and
understanding of samsara…read more

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