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1 Charlotte Cunningham ­ 10.7 Homework

Molecular Structure
- A giant covalent structure known as a macromolecular structure
- Has no delocalised electrons
- Each carbon atom forms 4 single covalent bonds in a rigid giant covalent structure.

- A high melting point of approximately 3550 degrees Celsius…

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2 Charlotte Cunningham ­ 10.7 Homework

- Grinding hard substances such as composite (manmade granite) as its strong
carbon to carbon covalent bonding helps keep the grinder strong
- Can polish and cut materials
- It can be used to make jewellery due to its transparent and beautiful aesthetic.


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3 Charlotte Cunningham ­ 10.7 Homework

- A single sheet of graphite is called Graphene

- Lubricant
- The "lead" of a pencil as it leaves marks and has a loose intermolecular structure
- In AA and AAA batteries as there is a free electron which can conduct the…

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4 Charlotte Cunningham ­ 10.7 Homework

- Extremely stable
- Can withstand high temperature and pressure
- Do not bond with each other
- Resilient to impact and deformation
- Can pop back into shape if deformed
- Soluble in many solvents and the only carbon allotrope that is…

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5 Charlotte Cunningham ­ 10.7 Homework

Melting Point 3652 ­ 3697 3550 250
Number of covalent 3 4 N/A
bonds per atom
View Opaque Translucent N/A
Density Low High Low

Key Words
Macromolecular structure ­ contain non-metal atoms in which have covalent bonds

Delocalised ­ not associated with any particular…


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