Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty and religion symbols

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Bruce Almighty
Modern time
Buffalo ­ American city
News reporter ­ unfulfilled
Lives with girlfriend
After a series of mild misfortunes he `loses it' and
humiliates himself before blaming god, seeing god as
a child with a magnifying glass held over an ant on a
sunny day
Uses Biblical language `smite me' to challenge god to
finish him off
This section ends with Bruce shouting `you f******'
This leads to him responding to a pager asking to
meet someone - the address is in a place called
`Omnipresent' and the person turns out to be god who
relinquishes all powers to Bruce who becomes Bruce
Bruce uses these powers for his own purposes (makes
a woman's dress lift in the wind) and he continues to
do this totally to his own personal gain.
The film continues until Bruce is unable to handle his
newly acquired powers and returns to meet god.

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Through further discussion with god, Bruce finds
redemption, accepting that his happiness will come
through the helping of others.…read more


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