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Browning uses the form of dramatic monologue in Porphyria's Lover and My Last
Informal free verse to make it seem like speech
Browning is a silent poet
o The narrator is the homodiegetic implied author
The narrator becomes the eye of the poem and it…

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o Objectifies his future bride
`at starting is my object'
o Speaks about her in terms of commerce and monetary value
`of mine for dowry'
o There appears to be a rigid AABB rhyming pattern of heroic couplets
however this is masked by the enjambment and caesura throughout

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The duchess:
Absent character
o Has no voice, no direct speech, no verbatim
o The duke controls the narrative voice of the poem and so dominates
her voice
o Gives even the artist an identity and name with synecdoche but
never does the same for his wife who remains passive…

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o His emotions are expressed with pathetic fallacy
o The wind is given a spiteful and agitated personification that is echoed in the
o Psychotic
o Is fully aware of the actions he is about to take
`while I debated what to do'
`I found a thing to do'…

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be rather than a dominant independent woman ­ the dead porphyria could
not contradict his fictional porphyria
o `the blue eyes without a stain'
o Objectifies her in death so she becomes like a doll with synecdoche
`smiling rosy little head'
Makes her into an object he can manipulate


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