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Brothers Point Example Effect
3 stanzas; It gives the impression that the speaker is looking back on what had started the differences in their relationship. At the beginning we
Stanzas 1 and 2 told from a child's see no regret towards the way he is treating his brother as the childish language gives the impression of it being told from a child's
point of view point of view. In verse 3 however, we see more adult language and are shown that it is the speaker reflecting back. He starts to show
Stanza 3 is told from the speaker as an remorse towards the way he treated his younger brother and shows a longing to be close with him.
adult reflecting back The shortness of the final stanza in comparison to the others hints at an incomplete relationship, that is damaged and missing the
closeness that is expected to be between brothers.
Stanzas one and two are of equal length
(quintains) but stanza three is only a quatrain
Childish language (stanzas 1 and 2) `me and Paul', Shows he is telling the story from a child's point of view with childish language and ideas. This contrasts with the change of language to
Adult language (stanza 3) `doing what adult, showing that he is looking back on a memory and regretting his decision to leave his little brother. We are given the impression
Caesura grown-ups do' that this is the start of their relationship falling apart as it is made obvious that he and Paul aspire to be older and mature, causing them
Descriptive `crested'
to dismiss his little brother as they believe themselves to be wiser whilst his little brother is still shown to try and make a connection
Proper nouns `you froze,'
'ridiculous tank with him as it is shown his `hand holding out' a coin but could also be interpreted as a sign of yearning for a friendship with his brother.
top' The caesura after the word `froze' literally freezes the line and slows the rhythm, creating an image of a little boy's realisation that he has
`skipped' not got enough money for the bus.
;windmilled home' The little brother is described to most throughout to emphasize the betrayal at the end, as his youth is emphasized throughout by
`Sheffield describing as a happy child who `skipped' and `windmilled home', actions associated with little children who are care-free and unlike his
Wednesdays', brother, are not worried about appearances and acting older.
The uses of proper nouns place the memory firmly in time and place, just as when somebody recounts a personal story.
Metaphors `windmilled The metaphor `windmilled home' shows the way the little boy runs with his hands in the air not caring about his appearance. This
home', `looking emphasizes his youth and shows his excitement of going to town with his big brother. This gives the impression he enjoys the company of
back', 'we chased his older brother and looks up to him as he appears to be very excited by this trip with him and Paul.
Olympic Gold',
`Looking back' has a literal meaning of looking backwards out of the window at his brother however it also has a metaphorical meaning of
him looking back at the past at this memory, realising that this was when he lost his relationship with his younger brother.
`We chased Olympic Gold' describes to imaginative pursuits of the 2 friends, giving their athletic best to reach the bus stop before the bus
arrives. They are still children and, although they want to seem like `grown-ups', they do not yet have the maturity to recognise their
responsibility and wait for the little boy.
`Saddled' opened the poem with already a resentful tone as it shows he feels as though his brother is restricting from hanging out with
his friend Paul. It could also suggest that he feels as though he is restricting him from growing up as we later see in the poem his desires
to be mature and like a `grown-up'. If he has to look after his little brother all the time, this means he has to do activities that interest him
and not himself, preventing him from feeling as though he is growing up.
Free verse `stop', `tank-top' The rhyme at the end of lines 2 and 4 helps to introduce the story and to build an image he can build on to tell the story.
1 rhyme `His smile, like The close positioning of the rhymes `mine' and `nine' gives out a mood of smugness at the moment the boys have got rid of the little boy
Internal rhyme mine, said I was (their charge).

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Regret The childhood feeling of superiority is later regretted by the speaker by `looking back' at the past. The childhood superiority was created
Nostalgic by the line `his smile, lime mine, said I was nine and he was ten...'
Sad The sense of nostalgia is created through the speaker `looking back' at the past at this memory.
The friendship in the poem is important, and yet the final image suggests the loss that the speaker feels at not being closer to his brother.…read more


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