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MUSIC…read more

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Britpop Influences
The Beatles
Stone Roses
Sex Pistols
The Who
The Kinks
David Bowie
Happy Mondays
Madness…read more

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Britpop Bands Today
The Verve
Muse…read more

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Key Features of Britpop
First person, witty lyrics
Lyrical focus
1960s/70s influences
Middle 8
Limited Solo Roles…read more

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Guitar Techniques in Britpop
Hammer-ons ­ holding a fret down whilst
hitting it with another finger.
Palm muting ­ damping the sound whilst
plucking with fingers.
String skipping ­ strings skipped during a
Pitch bending ­ moving fingers on a held
down note…read more

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Reason for Britpop
Reaction against other styles
Britpop rejected electronic sounds of hip-
hop and dance, and heavy sounds of
grunge, both around at the time.
Chose to use traditional pop instruments.…read more

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