British Political history 1945-90: consensus and conflict edexcel as- chapter 7

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Ted, Harold and Jim: ruling an ungovernable nation 19709
Heath co new gov & its problems conservative
Seemed at ease 7 relaxed
Did what he said he would
Industrial relations court fair play for workers & employers
The problems of N. Ireland
Roman catholic civil rights movement in Ulster
Pretests in '678 Callaghan (Home secretary send British army to defend in '69 ­
'70 end of protest
A promising start
Heath got French approval to enter European community
Tax cutting budged to stimulate economy
Thatcher launched open uni & comprehensives encouraged
Cuts= no free school milk = thatcher the milk snatcher
Labour relations
Industrial relations act becomes law
Blown off course
Nationalized most prestigious companies e.g. Rolls Royce
Termination of upper Clyde ship builders= subsidy to help
N. Ireland ­ violence & bombing
The miners
Industrial relations act not working
Only had power if unions registered under the act
Rail strike ­ `72
Wages increased two times the inflation wages 14% inflation 7%
Salt key gates closed= power cuts gov surrenders
Thee stage prices and income policy
Pay freeze
Paybord introduced in `73
Flat rates increase
Problems emerging
Arab Israeli war British coal more important as less oil available
Cut to 3 day week only decreased productivity by 5% PRODUCTION ISSUE?
No answers to economic crisis/confronting unions
Priority ­ European membership
Britain from '745
Crisis ridden Britain violence in Ulster, trade unionists had humiliated gov, inflation,
decreased living standards, house prices decreased, increased taxes
Left tried to take over labour parties
Just about surviving
Priority settle miners dispute
Foot created Health & safety work bill

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An employment protection bill no pressure to belong to a trade union
Sex discrimination act
Foot would resign if new income policies maximum increase of £6 a week said Jones
RollsRoyce had to be saved Biggest British car manufacturer
Sunny Jim holding the fort
1976 PM retired ill health
Callaghan (176 votes) vs.…read more


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