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A2 History Revision

Liberal Party

In 1902 the Liberal Party under Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman was an ineffective opposition to Balfour's
Conservative government. The real leader should have been H. H. Asquith, a very clever barrister, but he still
depended on his earnings at the Bar so had not gone up…

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A2 History Revision

judgement in 1901 which attacked legal power and implied financial ruin for any striking union. Balfour rejected
constant union appeals for amending legislation which angered the workers and brought a huge increase in LRC
support. For the Liberals the spin-off was that the small group of Labour…

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A2 History Revision

1909 Liberal budget with Balfour's encouragement, the ensuing crisis led to the Liberals calling an election which
they won. Balfour resigned after as he was pushed out, and replaced by Andrew Bonar Law, a tariff reformer and
a good debater. Under the new Conservative leader the emphasis…

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A2 History Revision

their wages. Payments were at a flat rate and hit the poorest workers the hardest. Many workers regarded
National Insurance payments as nothing more than a pay cut, arguing it was a waste of money to insure against
illnesses they might never have. Only the lowest paid…


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