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What was life like on the Home Front for
ordinary people during WW1?
· Allowed the government to control people's lives to help the war effort.
DORA: The Defence of the Relm Act 1914.
By 1915: Army short of munitions - not enough being made.
The Daily Mail first reported the problem.
People furious that soldiers fighting without the proper equipment.
Lloyd George became the Minister of Munitions in charge of a new Ministry of Munitions (government
department) to solve the crisis.…read more

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Rationing actually improved the health and diet of many poorer people as they could get food which
they could not afford before.
10. There was a black market though and some butchers etc. turned a blind eye to extra food.
DORA also meant that nobody was allowed to:
Talk about naval or military matters in public places.
Buy binoculars.
Trespass on railway lines or bridges.
Melt down gold or silver.
Light bonfires or fireworks.
Give bread to horses, horses or chickens.…read more


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