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Born in 1840 in Liverpool.
Family = wealthy ship owners.
1865: He stood for the liberal party in a local election. He lost.
Booth decided he'd have more influence if he educated people.
He started to research poverty in the East End of London, where he refused to believe the official statistics
that 25% of people lived in poverty.
· He found that 35% of people there were living in poverty.…read more

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Seebohm Rowntree
He ran the chocolate company and lived in York.
Wanted to see if Charles Booth's findings in London were similar to York.
He found that:
A typical family of 5 needed 21s 8d a week to live on.
28% of people in York earned less than this ­ and thus were in poverty.
When Rowntree looked at why people were poor, he found that:
1) 52% were paid too little to live on.
2) 22% had too large a family to support.…read more


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