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The British
Constitution…read more

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A set of rules that define the relationship between the
government and the people
Can be codified or uncodified (written or unwritten)
Britain has an uncodified constitution, as it is not laid out in
one single document
There are many different sources of the UK Constitution,
including conventions and works of authority…read more

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Roles and Purpose of the
Rules on how to amend the constitution
Asserts the rights of the people, offering protection
Sets out how much power the government can have
Determines how power should be distributed e.g. between
the two Houses
Shows how to make and amend law…read more

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Features of the British
Uncodified- not written in a single document unlike the US
Not entrenched- it is possible for the constitution to be
Unitary state- all power is concentrated to Westminster, and
power from devolved areas like the Scottish Parliament can
be returned to Westminster at any time
Flexible- it is easy to amend the constitution and to pass
new laws
Sovereign- Queen in Parliament- Parliament is the highest
entity and the PM now holds many of the roles that used to
be the Queen's responsibility…read more

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Sources of the UK
Statute law- laws passed by Parliament
Common law- law decided by similar cases i.e. preference
Conventions- what is seen to be `proper' but is not laid out
in the Constitution, such as the Royal Assent
EU treaties- treaties signed by the UK government that must
be followed by all other governments after, regarding
European issues
Works of authority- books and documents that are used by
the judiciary to enforce the law where it is unclear e.g.
Walter Bagehot `The English Constitution', and the Magna
Carta…read more

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Uncodified- good or bad?
Good Bad
Flexible- easy to change the law in the Parliament is sovereign- can lead to an
case of an emergency abuse of power
Can be altered to affect social change- as It is more complex and changes so it is
time develops the constitution should more difficult to clarify
develop too
It fails to protect the rights of citizens as
The decisions are taken by elected their rights in the law keep changing
politicians, so reflect the views of the
constituencies at the time, rather than It is too easy to amend, and could change
views from years before each time the government does, leading to
an unstable constitution…read more

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