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What role did Lord Kitchener playHow did people in Britain react to
in 1914? the outbreak of war in August
1914? Why?
He led the recruitment campaign They were delighted ... they saw
for volunteer soldiers after\war Germany as an aggressive power
broke out. that had to be stopped and…

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What does propaganda mean? What did government propaganda
A government method to persuade want people to think or do?
people that the war\was right and The war against Germany was
they should support it just, the Germans were evil; they
should make sacrifices and
support the war

What did DORA…

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When was rationing introduced? How did the war affect the
What was rationed? campaign of the brave women
January 1918; sugar, butter, beef trying to get the vote from
narrow minded male politicians?
They called off the campaign in
order to focus on the war

How did the war change…

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What was a munitionette Why was working in a munitions
A woman making weapons in an factory unpleasant?
munitions factory 12 hour shifts; toxic chemicals;
What was a `canary'? fires; explosions
A woman who worked in a factory
whose skin turned yellow because
of toxic jaundice

Did women really make…


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