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Britain ­ a diverse
Britain ­ a diverse society?
society? z
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Learning objectives
· What are our identities? What shapes our identities?
· What is the local community like?
· What images of Britain do we have?
· What is the global community?
· What makes a global citizen?
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What's the difference?
There are around 60 million people living in Britain ­ and
every single one of them is different!
different languages different backgrounds
tall female
male old
different skills
ethnicities different likes
young and dislikes…read more

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Identity anagrams!…read more

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Born into or put into?…read more

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What does it mean to be
local community.
Now think again about all the different identities in your
Does your local
community represent
the cultural diversity
of the whole of Britain?
Which identities represented
in the country are missing
from your local community?…read more

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