Britain 1945 und of Labour- Edexcel- AS history- consensus & conflict

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Britain 1945 und of Labour
`warfare' state to `welfare' state= NHS
Cripps- socialist & economist- chancellor of Exchequer
School leaving age increased to 15 ( 11+ test and Butler report)
Churchill seen as wartime leader- young were interested in current affairs- "Gestapo
speech"- unbritish+ insulting the one he had worked with to removed Gestapo from Britain-
Attlee- consensus politician- could sack people ruthlessly in a nice way- disliked communist
Bevin (minister of labour)- working class- ran economy efficiently peace time to war time
work ­ no class war
Ending squalor- Bevan housing minister- prefabs- communal houses- houses act- rent prices
Ending want- family allowance act paid directly to mother- national assistance act ­ benefits
Ending disease- NHS free funded by taxes- industrial injuries act- BMA doctors against NHS=
`had to stuff their mouths with gold'
Bevan left winger- for the working class- committed to NHS
`Let us face the future'- optimistic manifesto
Keynesianism- gov intervenes by taking taxes from successful business giving it to failing
Full employment
Many civil servants needed for Keynesian BUT in rationing they were used and were
successful= so they can do this now
Bevin( Minister for Labour)- during war managed to move peacetime production to war
work-= switch back possible
Nationalisation- gov runs economy ­ " run by the nation for the nation"- people cannot be
exploited= less strikes


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