Brief structure of Nadurra

This isn't supposed to be detailed - Just informative

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Intro (bars 1-8)
Sustained keyboard chord-hints at E minor
Fiddle joins in for effect with tremolo
Drum joins after a few bars with 2nd keyboard (electric piano with
tremolo effect) in counterpoint with bouzouki
Bass plays staccato almost as one with bass drum
By the end chord sequence is established as Em-G
Time signature is ambiguous
Verse 1 (bars 9-11)
Instruments continue in same way
Voice enters for first line of verso
Voice sings lilting rhythm, working against other instruments-time sig
still ambiguous
Break (bars 12-15)
Backing instruments continue with atmospheric background sound
Fiddle becomes more prominent but still concentrates more on effects
than melody
Verse 2 (bars 16-20)
Voice begins to establish itself as main rhythmic feature
Time signature set as 12/8
Verse 3 (bars 21-24
Continues from verse 2
Last line sung unaccompanied-serves as link between sections
Verse 4 (bars 25-28)

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Accordion joins in with strummed accompaniment on acoustic
Backing vocals join for nonsense syllables
Drum now clearly sets 12/8 feel with rest of band
Bass part has more substance
Chord sequence changes to C-G-Em-G, adds harmonic interest
Verse 5 & 6 (bars 29-32)
Same as verse 4
Accordion provides countermelodies to vocal part
Instrumental (bars 33-36)
Uilleann pipes solo with fiddle in a heterophonic texture
Accordion provides accompaniment and occasional melodic doubling
Instruments emphasise 2nd and 5th beats-adds rhythmic interest
Verse 7 (bars 37-43)…read more


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