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Gothic Literature is a literary
movement which initiated during the
18th and 19th Century predominantly in
Germany, England, France and the
It focuses on death, terror and horror
with novels such as Frankenstein and
characters like Count Dracula being
associated to it.
It linked to the dark side of human
nature and all things gruesome
involving elements of the supernatural,
horror as well as romance.…read more

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To read Gothic Literature,
many academics have
said that as readers, you
need sufficient power to
be able to "release
yourself from reality" and
try to understand and
believe the elements of
the gothic which are
supernatural and the
mysterious beings
involved. It detaches us
from reality and takes us
into another world.…read more

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- Spooky settings: castles,
- Tense atmosphere
combined with suspense
and mystery.
- Supernatural events,
those with no rational
- Inferior role taken on by
women, dominated by
- Horror, gloom, danger.…read more


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