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Outline and Evaluate research into the breakdown of romantic
relationships (24 marks)
Rollie and Duck's model of breakdown attempts to explain the process in 6 steps. It
begins with dissatisfaction with how a relationship is conducted, which leads to an
intrapsychic process that's characterised by brooding on the partners faults…

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validity of some of the findings of such research. Relationship research is also
notoriously socially sensitive-delving into people's personal relationships and
reasons for breakdowns may cause some psychological harm.

In another theory Duck proposed 3 reasons as to why relationships breakdown. One
of these is a lack of skills. A…

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more complex reasons such as due to cultural, social, and/or economic factors. A
social factor may be that one of the partners is undergoing domestic violence. In real
life, we also use our free will on a daily basis and thus may not follow the set
guidelines of both these…


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