Breakdown of relationships

Includes Duck and Rollies theories followed by research support. look at maintance of relationships to further support your essay

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Research evidence support/contradicting
P: Tashiro and Frazer's study supports Rollie and Ducks model of breakdown.
E: They surveyed undergraduates who recently broke up with romantic partner.
E: Ppts reported that they experienced emotional distress but also personal
growth as they had a clearer idea of what to look for in the future.
L: This supports the grave dressing and resurrection processes as they were
able to get over previous relationships and move on.

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P: Harvey found implications for intervention within Rollie and Ducks model of
breakdown which stresses the importance of communication.
E: Talking about the relationship can indicate what stage the relationship is at.
E: It also suggests interventions appropriate for that stage (e.g. in the
Intrapsychic stage, repair may involve reestablishing liking for a partner by
L: The theory is therefore useful as it has practical applications to inhibit
breakdown.…read more

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P: Duck and Rollie's theory of breakdown simplifies the notion of breakdown.
E: It fails to consider why the relationship has broken down in the first place..
E: Duck and Rollie describe breakdown but don't explain why it happens.
L: By disregarding the bigger picture, it offers an incomplete explanation for why
breakdown occurs.
P: Women report more post relationship growth than men. It could be argued
that there is greater social support for women ­ implying gender differences..…read more


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