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Food Technology GCSE
Bread…read more

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Bread- Basic recipe
500g strong plain flour
10g salt
1 sachet easy blend dried yeast
250ml water (37°C)
Oven temperature:
200-220°C/ Gas mark 6-8
(the temperature used will depend on the size
and shape of the bread made).…read more

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Function of Bread's main ingredients
Flour is the main ingredient and forms the
framework of the bread. It contains two
proteins which, when combined with water,
form gluten. This helps the final product keep
its shape.
DEXTRINISATION (the effect of dry heat on
starch) occurs when bread is cooked. This
means that the starch in the flour is converted
into DEXTRIN (a simple sugar). The dextrin is
CARAMELISED and gives the crust its colour.…read more

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Water is needed to BIND the ingredients
together and to help in the development of
GLUTEN. It is also needed for the yeast to
Salt adds FLAVOUR and aids the development of
GLUTEN.…read more

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Yeast produces CARBON DIOXIDE (CO) GAS,
which makes the bread RISE. Yeast needs
to multiply
Fat and oil WEAKEN the gluten and RESTRICT the
action of the yeast. This gives a closer texture.…read more

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Possible modifications
Wholemeal flour for strong plain flour
· This alters the bread's taste, texture and
· It also increases the amount of NSP (non-
starch polysaccharide) in the bread
Fresh yeast for easy blend yeast
· Increases bread-making time…read more

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