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Brahms' Piano Quintet in F minor, Op. 34 movement III (Scherzo Allegro)

Composed by Romanticist Johannes Brahms in 1865 for piano quintet (originally written for string quintet in 1862, rearranged to sonata for two pianos
in 1864, settled on current version in 1865).
Brahms tended to prefer Classical formats e.g.…

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Structure and Melody large scale ternary form of scherzo + trio + scherzo. Trio = middle Harmony ­ chromatic harmony is a feature of Romantic
section to contrast music

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1. Scherzo: bar 11931 1. Introduction of F sharp at bar 5 ­ clashes with F natural
A: bar 112 ­ 1 theme: rising syncopated melody in Cm, compound time, pp, bar
in VI and II in bar 7
9 c/point 2. German augmented 6th occur frequently e.g. bar…

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This is really useful thanks. Do you have any more of the A2 set works for 2013?

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