Bottom-Up Approach

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Aim: To identify patterns of behaviour by looking at similarities between cases
Method: Content analysis of 66 sexual offences from various police officers and 27 offenders to find 33 offence
variables that are clearly linked to a potential behaviour characteristic. It was possible to say yes or no to each
Procedure: Smallest space analysis
Findings: 5 variables found to be central to all 66 cases were: vaginal intercourse, disturbed victim's clothing,
impersonal language, surprise attack and no reaction to the victim. Shows a pattern of behaviour where the attack is
sudden with the Victim's response being irrelevant to the offender.
Conclusions: Usefulness of the method is that all 5 aspects shown to contribute to all sexual offences but in different
individuals. Leads to an understanding of how the behaviour of the offender changes over a series of offences and if
2 or more offences are done by the same offender.


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