Boscastle Floods 2004 Case Study

Flooding case study of the Boscastle Floods in August 2004.  Including causes, effects, response to the event and the management following.  Figures included.

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Boscastle Floods, 2004
Location: Boscastle & Crackington Haven, Cornwall, South West England, UK
Date: Monday 16th August, 2004
General Info: Village and fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall. 2 tributaries confluence
there the river Jordan and Valency. The town is a popular tourist destination.
· Steep valley sides & saturated ground ­ increased runoff, decreased lag time
· 185mm fell inland of Boscastle
· 24.1mm fell in 15 mins (Lesnewth)
· 89mm fell in 60 mins (Boscastle)
· 2m river level rise in 2hrs
· Farming ­ arable, down contours
· Sewage
· Tree/hedge reduction
Economic Social Environmental
£20mn insurance paid out 100 homes & businesses Trees uprooted
£2mn infrastructure damage 75 cars, 5 caravans, 6 Habitats destroyed
buildings & several boats
washed into sea
Decrease in tourism 150 people required rescue
· Buildings searched
· Cars rescued
· Trees removed
· Roads cleared
· Water & food supply restored
· Power system restored
· Flood defences strongly improved
· Boscastle rebuilt
· Sewage treatment scheme, work on underground pumping stations

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River channel widened & lowered
· Car park level raised, reduces risk of cars washing away…read more


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