Boom Bust and Recovery overview

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Thematic review: 19171954
Change and continuities: What are the range of factors, which lead to the change,
which is the most important? What is the role of each factor and how do they work in
combination to produce the events, which occurred?
Cause and consequences: What happened and why it happened when it did and not
earlier or later
Were any events critical turning points in the period as a whole?
How far did the power of the federal government increase in these years?
How far and in what ways was the traditional, protestant, rural America
challenged in these years?
How far was the US society marked by increasing conflict over race and
How far was new technology transformed by war and the threat of war in
these years?
1) SELECT appropriate material from sources and own knowledge for evidence
2) DEPLOY what you have selected and choose which pieces of evidence or
knowledge will allow the question to be answered directly.
The questions require an evaluation in order to reach a substantiated judgement,
meaning you must weigh up the evidence given by the interpretations selected.
Sources: questions to think about
What does the source say which relates to the question?
What evidence is used in the content of the source to support its
What is the nature of the evidence that it is using?
What is the perspective of the interpretation?
Is the focus on individuals and their importance or the context within which
they operated?
Is it likely to be a monetarist or Keynesian perspective?
Has the background of the author influenced their interpretation?
Was the author able to access a full range of sources for the topic? (dates)
What material from your own knowledge supports the interpretation?
What material from your own knowledge enables you to modify, challenge or
reject the interpretation?
Crossreferencing sources
Will allow source to be used as a package
Weighing of evidence will allow you to reach a reasoned and supported
Show where sources support and differ with each other and an explanation
for these differences with an attempt to resolve them as part of your argument
Differences may be explained by differing perspectives, date of publications
or nature of evidence used?
What evidence in your view holds more weight? This will be a key feature in
making a convincing argument.

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The answer must always address the specific question asked, a sustained
relevance must be contained throughout the answer
How does this paragraph take my answer further?
Relevance must be explicit at all stages
What is the importance of the focus factor?
Intro: brief outline of argument and how it will be developed, present your
argument and do not `set the scene'
Main body: paragraphs that will enable the argument to development by
assessing the evidence available.…read more


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