Book 8 Questions

Questions on book 8 to help you revise :)

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Book 8 Questions
1. What entertainment do the Phaeaceans find at Alcinoös' feast?
2. What task is undertaken by Alcinoös' herald throughout Book VIII?
3. What is the first story told by Demodocus?
4. Why is the figure of the poet/singer Demodokos important?
5. What is Odysseus' reaction to Demodocus' tales of Troy?
6. Why is Odysseus annoyed while at the athletic field?
7. What action is taken by Odysseus to disprove Euryalus' accusatory insults?
8. How do the gods react to the revelation of the adultery? Why?
9. Think about Poseidon's reaction to the event. Is it different from the other


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