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The Skeletal System
Aim: To develop your understanding
of the structure and function of
bones, skeleton and joints…read more

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Bone/body size is an important factor in
high-level sports
Bones don't stop growing completely until
you are in your early twenties…read more

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The composition of
a typical long bone
The arm and leg
bones of an adult
look like this.
All the features of
the bone are vital to
us in sport and all
develop with training…read more

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Bone Composition
The end of the bone is called the epiphysis
The shaft of the bone is called the diaphysis
This is smooth and slippery, a bit like thick white
plastic. It protects the ends of the bone where it meets
other bones and stops them rubbing together.
Exercise causes cartilage to become thicker, so our joints
move smoothly and absorb shock better as we jump or run…read more

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Compact bone
This is hard and strong. It is made of fibres
cemented with calcium salts. It protects the
bone from breakages as this is the thinnest
part of the bone
It becomes thicker as we exercise. This means:
we are better protected against impact
we can train with heavier weights…read more

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Marrow cavity
This is filled with soft yellow pulp
called marrow.
It makes red and white blood cells
Regular exercise speeds up blood
Production. This means:
More oxygen can be carried
round the body
More exercise can be performed…read more

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