Bolsheviks and religion

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Bolsheviks and religion
How did religious practices change under the COMMUNISTS?
Communism promoted as new religion
Public & private religious rituals are Bolshevised
Xmas & easter became Komsomal Xmas & Easter
Instead of baptisms- `octobered' under names such as Ninel (Lenin backwards!)
Weddings conducted in front of portrait of Lenin rather than alter
Couples getting married- vows to the principles of Communism
Religion= sign of backwardness
Destroy ties of religion and replace with scientific education
How did the communists attack the church?
Decree on separation of church and state
Church- not own propery ­ had to rent- religious instruction in schools banned
Priests & clerics declared servants of the Bourgeoisie ­ forbidden to vote- no ration cards
Union of The militant Goddess ­ debates to prove God didn't exist
Relics & icons ridiculed
Peasants- air plane rides to show there is no God in the sky
Used famine of 1921-2 to show there is no help from God= doesn't exist
Anti church campaign ­ 8000 executed & executed in 1922


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