Bodily Response to Stress - Unit 2 (AQA)

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Activation of the sympathomedullary pathway
Cerebral Cortex evaluates if it is a
Hypothalamus triggers activity in the
sympathetic branch of ANS (Branch of
the peripheral nervous system)
Sympathetic Branch becomes more
active when body is stressed & using
Sympathetic Branch stimulates the
adrenal medulla within the adrenal
The adrenal medulla releases adrenaline
& noradrenaline into the blood stream
The hormones prepare us for 'fight or
Body becomes prepared to use energy to
deal with streessful situations

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Activation of the sympathomedullary pathway
Blood Pressure & Heart Rate
Increase - Get blood to areas of
body needed for acitvity
Digestion Decreases - Blood can
be directed to the brain and
Muscles Tense - Body is 'phsyically
Perspiration Increaases - Body can
cool down and burn more energy
Breating rate increases - More
oxygen can be sent to muscles…read more

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Followed by the activation of the pituitary-adrenal system
If the stress is long-term (several hours or more) ­ The sympathomedullary system starts to
use up the body's resources ­ A second system produced a countershock response to supply
the body with more fuel
Hypothalamus triggers the
release of CRH
CRH stimulates the anterior
pituitary gland
The anterior pituitary gland
releases a hormone called ACTH
ACTH travels through the body
and then stimulates the adrenal
cortex (near kidneys)
Adrenal Cortex releases
corticosteroids - give us energy…read more


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