Blood sugar levels - song

This is a song I wrote, to the tune of 'if you're happy and you know it', to help me remember how blood sugar levels work and the hormones which control it.

I know the lyrics are a bit squashed into the tune, but it works! Try searching on YouTube for a karaoke version of the tuen, there are plenty available.

Hope it helps, and good luck with the exam!

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Blood sugar level song
(To the tune of `if you're happy and you know it'.)
When we eat, our blood-sugar level goes up,
Insulin's secreted by the pancreas,
The liver detects the insulin,
It knows to let the glucose in,
And it is stored as glycogen in the liver.
Blood-glucose level goes down with exercise,
And the pancreas some glucagon provides,
The liver finds the chemical,
Turns glycogen to soluble...
...glucose, And back into the bloodstream it arrives.


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