Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker

Notes on the poem Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker

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Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker
Poet & Context
Lives in Mumbai in India
During the dry season, the temperature can reach 40 degrees.
Set in a vast area of temporary accommodation called Dharavi on outskirts of Mumbai, where
millions of migrants have gathered from other parts of India
There is always a shortage of water because it is not an official living area.
When a pipe bursts or a water tanker goes past there always a child running behind it getting
the drips and it's like money. In that of climate, it's like a gift.
The children may have been brought up in the city as migrants, but the mothers will probably
remember in the village they came from, they had to walk miles with pots to get to the
closest water source. When the water comes, it's like a god.
Ideas and emotions
A constant lack of water
How when water does come it is worshipped and seen to be like a god given gift
The idea that the water is so precious it feels as if it is almost too good for the people, but
also how it brings out best of them and their beauty
How the community respond, worshipping it, collecting it, playing in it, all with joy
New life which water brings
Structure & Rhythm
4 stanzas of varied lengths
Freedom of water, breaking out of patterns into beauty
Starts of new stanzas due to: beginning to imagine water, suggestive of hope. Water
coming, what they dream of, effects on community, shows change when it comes. Children
playing showing new life which it brings to the people.
When water hoped for/comes stanzas get longer. Showing that it brings freedom and also
showing how it flows. Also less full stops for same reason.
Some random rhyme, suggestive of unpredictability
Spoken rhythms with irregular patterns, bouncing off from some words
Alliteration, flow of water, and sound of the celebration
Starts with men, women and children, then just children, due to new life which it brings?
Simile of skin cracking like a pod, dying to allow new life to escape
Religious words when describing water, often metaphorically, showing how holy water is.
Also idea of it being set aside for rich.
Onomatopoeia used to create sound of water. Many close together suggestive of
overwhelming beauty and power of water


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