Birth and Death Rates

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Birth Rate
DECLINE: England and Wales, 1900 - 28.5 2007 ­ 10.7
1) Changes in the position of women
2) Decline in Infant mortality rate
3) Children an economic liability
a. Laws preventing child labour
b. Increased school leaver age
c. Materialisation of Childhood
4) Child centred society
FLUCTUATION: Baby booms at the end of WW1 (1915) and WW2 (1945) and 1960s

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Death Rate
DECLINE: UK, 1900 ­ 19 20017 ­ 10
1) Improved nutrition
a. Thomas Mckeown (1972) argued that improved nutrition accounted for up to half
the reduction of death rates and was important in reducing rates from TB
2) Medical Improvements after 1950s
a. Antibiotics
b. Immunisation
c. Blood transfusions
d. Midwifery/maternity services
3) Welfare State (Public health acts in 20th century)
a. Improved housing
b. Purer drinking water
c. Improved sewage disposal
d.…read more


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