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Perry Barr

Perry Barr Ward is situated in the north west of
the city. It covers the majority of the old Perry
Barr ward plus part of the old Aston ward. It
has a similar age profile than the City average.
The percentage of ethnic minority residents is
similar to…

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Perry Barr

Perry Barr Ward Population by Ethnic Group

Percentage of
Ethnic Group Number of People
Ward Population

Asian 3,473 15.3

Asian Bangladeshi 281 1.2

Asian ­ Indian 1,769 7.8

Asian ­ Pakistani 1,254 5.5

Black 2,108 9.3

Black ­ Caribbean 1,755 7.7

Chinese, other 235 1.0

White 16,296 71.8…

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Perry Barr

* percentage of households with dependent children that are lone parent households

Perry Barr Ward Household Tenure

Number of Percentage of
Household Tenure
Households Households

Owner Occupier 7,186 80.5

Rented: local
582 6.5

Rented: housing
350 3.9

Rented: privately 589 6.6
Source: 2001 Census, Crown Copyright/BCC…

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Perry Barr

Male Female Total

Number of Unemployed 418 133 551

Unemployment Rate (%) 7.5% 2.8% 5.4%

Note: Birmingham Average Unemployment Rate is 9.0%
Source: Office for National Statistics / BEIC (December 2006)

Perry Barr Ward Largest Employer Organisations

Number of Employees (rounded to Nature of

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Perry Barr

University Of Central England 200 Business School
13. (Business School)

IMI Components Ltd 198 Manufacture of components for
14. the Nuclear Industry.

15. GRA Ltd 175 Sports Arena

Source: Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry

For further information contact:

Economic Strategy and Information

Birmingham City Council
Alpha Tower…


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