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Genetic Engineering…read more

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Clones in Nature
· A clone is a cell, cell product or organism that
is genetically identical to the unit or organism
from which it was derived
· Examples: Identical twins ­ natural clones
· Plants ­ producing runners
· Bacteria ­ binary fission…read more

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Asexual Reproduction
· The production of offspring from one parent
· The two daughter cells are GENETICALLY IDENTICAL
to the parent cell.
· Daughter cells can sometimes grow into a separate
organism, that is also genetically identical.
· A good example of this is a spider plant.…read more

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· Large numbers of offspring can be produced
rapidly from only one parent, e.g. Aphids.
· This can form large colonies that can out-
compete other species for resources
· It can be used if sexual reproduction cannot
be carried out
· All the offspring are able to survive in the
current environment.…read more

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· They are all have the same genetic information
· Any weakness/susceptibility in the parent will be
passed on to the offspring.
· If a mutation, change in the environment or disease
occurs, whole colonies can be destroyed ­ Dutch
Elm disease
· With some methods of asexual reproduction, the
offspring produced may compete with each other
or the parent for resources. E.g. Vegetative
Propagation…read more

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Spider Plant
These are clones of the parent plant…read more

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