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Fermentation- microorganisms breaks down sugars to release energy- usually by anaerobic respiration

Yoghurt- fermented by milk

Making yoghurt

1. Equipment is sterilised- kill unwanted microbes
2. Milk is pasteurised (72 C- 15 seconds) - kill microbes. Milks is cooled
3. Starter culture of a bacteria is added and the…

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Vitamin C 1. Dietary supplements (pills), added to drinks to stop them going off
2. Bacterium called Acetobacter produces chemical converted to vitamin- cheaper and
easier then extracting it from fruit

Citric acid 1. Flavouring and preservative is added to fruit flavoured fizzy drinks
2. Found in citrus fruits

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Pharmaceutical drug

Aspirin is found in the leaves and bark of the willow tree used as an analgesic and anti flammatory
Taxol is from the bark of the pacific yew tree, used as an anticancer drug
Quinine made from the bark of cinchona tree from South America used as an…

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1. Potential to treat many diseases that were 1. Scientists are still unaware of the long
incurable before. Patients suffering from term effects of this therapy as they are
Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia. directly playing with nature.
Alzheimer's disease e.t.c have observed 2. The use of embryonic stem cell has set…


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