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Lauren Davis & Rachel Christie…read more

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Biological material:
living or recently
living organisms…read more

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Burning Biomass does
produce CO2 however the
material burnt is part of
the natural biological
Burning fossil fuels is
different as it is not in the
natural biological cycle it
is buried in the earth.…read more

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Classes of biomass
·Virgin wood Virgin wood: Untreated
·Energy crops and Clean
·Agricultural residues
·Food waste
Energy Crops: Grown
·Industrial waste and co- Specifically for fuels
Agricultural residues:
Industrial waste and co-
Waste material
products: Industrial waste,
Woody and non-woody
Food waste: Residue and
Waste from all food types…read more

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May be Chemical
May be Physical
pesticides sprays, heavy inclusions:
metals, halogens or other mud, stones, ice or
trace materials nails.…read more

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