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B2 Keywords.

Active Site: The site on an enzyme where the reactants bind.
Aerobic Respiration: Breaking down food using oxygen to release energy to cells.
Oxygen + Glucose Carbon dioxide + Water
Allele: A version of a particular gene.
Amino Acids: The building blocks of a protein.
Amylase: The enzyme…

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Dominant: The characteristic that will show up in the offspring even if only one of the
alleles is inherited.
Enzyme: Protein molecule which acts as a biological enzyme. It changes the rate of
chemical reactions without being affected itself at the end of the reaction.
Epidermal Tissue: The tissue of…

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Mitosis: Asexual sex division where two identical cells are formed. As a result of this
all your body cells have the same chromosomes. This means they have the same genetic
information. Before the cell divides it produces new copies of the chromosomes in the
nucleus. Then the cell divides one…





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