Biology Unit 1bii Revision - Reproduction, Cloning, GM and Evolution -

Biology Unit 1bii Revision

- Reproduction

- Cloning

- Gentic Engineering

- Evolution

Including Information about Biodiversity and Extinction

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Biology Unit
By Amaka…read more

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There are two forms of REPRODUCTION
Mitosis Meio…read more

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ASEXUAL Reproduction…read more

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Sexual Reproduction
How some plants and animals
produce offspring
· Forms genetically different offspring
· With half the genetic information of
each parent
· Because there are TWO parents
· Offspring inherit features from both
· Produces more variation than
Mitosis…read more

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MITOSIS…read more

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A PowerPoint that summarises the key information in this topic with some nice diagrams. The animation of text is a little overused but can be disabled easily.   Team this up with a glossary or set of flashcards for all the many key words with their definitions.

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