Biology Unit 1 .3 Medicine and Drugs

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3. Medicine and Drugs
Biology Unit 1
3.1 Developing new medicines
Tests on... cells, tissues, organs ­ animal ­ small group of healthy humans ­ small group of patients ­
larger groups of patients
Double blind trial = placebo (neither doctors nor patients know) to test effectiveness
3.2 How effective are medicines?
Statins = reduce cholesterol in the blood. They can reduce the chance of heart disease by 40%.
3.3 Drugs
... a substance that alters the way your body works. Addiction = becoming mentally or physically
dependent on a drug. Withdrawal symptoms occur when addicts try to stop using drugs.
3.4 Legal and Illegal Drugs
Impact of legal drugs is much greater on health than illegal drugs as more people take them.
Recreational drugs affect the nervous system.
3.6 Drugs in Sport
Use performance enhancing drugs to...
­ help build muscle mass (Anabolic steroids)
­ stimulate body to make more red blood cells
­ make you alert with fast reactions
­ to slow the heart rate and reduce shaking in hands and other parts of the body


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