Biology short essay - Antibiotics affecting decision making

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Write a short essay about the ways in which society uses scientific knowledge relating to
antibiotic resistance to inform decision making.
By Annabelle Wong
Scientific information about antibiotic resistance is advanced in the Western world, allowing us to
formulate responses to any health threats. For example, MRSA as the infamous `hospital killer
superbug' is an infection which can easily spread within a hospital making a seriously ill patient more
ill. MRSA is known to be hard to control, because it is constantly mutating, therefore making any new
antibiotic have only a short amount of time it can work. Decisions made about MRSA's antibiotic
resistance includes making all workers and visitors in the hospital wash their hands using an antiseptic
gel as often as possible, so the spread of infectious diseases is reduced by person-person contact.
This results in the hospitals around Britain all having many antiseptic hand gels on every ward so
patients, workers and visitors can all use it.
Scientific knowledge also extends to the investigation regarding bacteria becoming resistant
to antibiotics more quickly when antibiotics are misused and patients don't finish the course.
Therefore doctors are told to only prescribe antibiotics when absolutely necessary. In addition
patients are made aware of the importance of finishing a course of antibiotics, even if they begin to
feel better.


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