Biology - Key Words for Keeping Healthy

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Biology Revision
Keeping Healthy ­ Key Words
MALNOURISHED ­ The condition when someone does not have a correctly balanced diet.
METABOLIC RATE ­ The speed of all the chemical reactions in your cells
METABOLISM- All the chemical reactions in your cells
INHERITED- Passed on from parents to their offspring in their genes.
OVERWEIGHT- You are overweight if your body carries excess fat and your BMI is between 20 and
OBESE ­ Very overweight, if your BMI is over 30.
ION ­ A charged particle (e.g. a mineral ion)
CHOLESTEROL ­ Good & bad cholesterol in body. Amount is partly inherited and partly affected by
amount and type of fat in diet. Used to make CELL MEMBRANES and HORMONES. Causes HEART
Key Points
Most people eat a varied diet, which includes everything needed to keep the body healthy
Different people need different amounts of energy
The metabolic rate varies from person to person
The more exercise you do, the more food/energy you need
If you take in more energy than you use, you will store the excess as fat
Obese people have more health problems than others
People who do not have enough to eat can develop serious health problems
Exercise helps reduce weight and maintain health
Inherited factors affect our health. These include our metabolic rate and cholesterol level
People who exercise regularly are usually healthier than those who take little exercise

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