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Active Transport In active transport cells use energy to transport substance through cell membranes against a
concentration gradient.
Aerobic respiration Aerobic respiration breaks down glucose using oxygen to make energy available for chemical
reactions in cells.
Agar jelly A jellylike substance used to grow microorganisms.
Alveoli The saclike end of an airway in the lungs. The surface is enlarged to maximum gas exchange.
Anaerobic A series of chemical reactions that transfer energy from glucose into life processes without using
respiration oxygen. Carbon dioxide and Ethanol or Lactic acid are the endproduct.
Arteries A blood vessel carrying blood away from the heart at high pressure.
Biogas Biogas is a gas made when waste is digested by microorganisms. The gas is a mixture of
methane, hydrogen and nitrogen and burns to release energy.
Biogenesis The idea that living organisms develop only from other living organisms and not from nonliving
Capillaries The smallest blood vessels in the body. They connect arteries to veins.
Carbohydrase An enzyme that can digest carbohydrates.
Dialysis A process used to clean blood. Blood is filtered by passing it over a partially permeable
membrane. Dissolved substances diffuse from the blood through the membrane into a fluid on the
other side and are removed.
Diaphragm A flat layer of muscle just below the lungs that helps with breathing in and out.
Diffusion Diffusion is the spreading of liquids or gasses caused by the random movement of their molecules.
Dilate To get wider.

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Double circulation A circulatory system where the blood passes through the heart twice ­ once through the body and
once through the lungs.
Ethanol The chemical name for alcohol produced by the fermentation of sugar by yeast.
Fermentation Breakdown of food by microorganisms that does not require oxygen.…read more


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