Biology IGCSE Revision Guide

Hi guys,

This is the revision guide i pretty much used for my biology coordinated science.

Link to chemistry resource: Link to physics resource:


These are NOT my notes. These are notes i gathered via internet and organized into one file following the 2015 syllabus. This is absolutely free, and the notes i used were free. I made this several months ago but ill link you the main sources i used:

I'm putting this up because it really helped me understand and answer the short-answered questions on the exam instead of reading a boring, long, expensive textbook that waffled 90% of the time. It is in pages, so im sorry to microsoft word users. If you try converting it, it will mess up! I added 50+ comments on the pages document that either a) give links to more detailed notes b) detailed information on highlighted writing.

If in anyway i'm violating any terms, please message me and i will gladly delete this resource!

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