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The conditions inside the body must be controlled within narrow limits. This is called
homeostasis. These conditions include water content, ion content, body temperature and
blood glucose concentration.
The thermoregulatory centre is the part of the brain that monitors and controls body
temperature. The pancreas meanwhile monitors and controls…

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Banting and Best
You should be able to evaluate experimental data from Banting and Best's experiments which led to
insulin being discovered.
Two doctors, Frederick Banting and Charles Best, made an extract from the pancreas in 1921. The
extract had antidiabetic properties, and they tested it successfully on diabetic dogs.…

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When we get too cold:
Muscles contract rapidly we shiver. These contractions need energy from respiration, and some of
this is released as heat.
Blood vessels leading to the skin capillaries become narrower they constrict letting less blood
flow through the skin and conserving heat in the body.
The hairs…




A well presented set of notes with clear diagrams which covers key topics in homeostasis. Higher students might need additional information on the kidney with some   additional diagrams to help cover the extra knowledge needed.



I'm a GCSE student & this helped me understand homeostatis much better than before.

Thank you sm x

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