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Biology revision
Diet and exercise

A balanced diet does a lot to keep you healthy

For good health, your diet must provide the energy you need - but not more
You need to have the right balance of foods as well.
So you need: ... Enough carbohydrates and fats to…

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The effects of starvation can lead to slower growth and poor resistance to infection

Fighting disease
Bacteria are very small living cells

Bacteria very small cells, which can reproduce rapidly inside your body.
It make you feel ill by doing two things:
1. Damaging your cells b) Producing toxins ­…

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Immunisation involves injecting dead or inactive microorganisms - these carry antigen, which
will tell your body to produce antibody, these will then attack them - even though it harmless
The MMR vaccine contains weakened versions of the viruses that cause measles, mumps and
rubella stuck together
If the microorganism reappears…

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Sense Organs detect Stimuli

The stimulus is a change in your environment you may need to react to, you need to constantly
monitor what's going on around you so you can respond if you need to
Your five sense organs are - eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin
They all…

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The connection between two neurones is called a Synapse
The nerve signals are transmitted by chemicals which diffuse (move) across the gap
These chemicals then set off a new electrical signal in the next neurone

Homeostasis means keeping internal conditions in your body constant (the same). Your body…

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6. Hormones are made and released from glands

Different types of hormones

Adrenaline - Stress response in emergency situations - fight or flight hormones
Sex hormones ­ Males: Testosterone, Females: Oestrogen, FSH etc... - Over 3 to 4 years brings
about puberty and sexual maturity
Pituitary gland - This produces…

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Decreasin Contraception methods Contraceptive methods
g fertility Age-related such as condoms etc...
Cancer in family

Plant hormones

Auxin is a Plant Growth Hormone

Auxin in the plant hormone that controls growth near tips of shoots and root
It controls the growth of a plant in response to light (Phototropism),…




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