Biology - Globular and Fibrous Proteins

These are complete notes copied off Wikipedia and other sites, completed for homework, on globular and fibrous proteins, and haemoglobin and collagen. Diagrams included. It is based on the OCR specification for AS Biology. Happy revising! =P

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Reianna Shakil L6EFBiology4/12/12

Globular proteins

Molecule folded into spherical (globular) shapes, forms a coiled shape (globule).
Have complex tertiary and sometimes quaternary structures.
Hydrophobic groups point into centre of molecule away from water.
Only hydrophilic groups are exposed outside the molecule so globular proteins are soluble.
Globular proteins have…

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Reianna Shakil L6EFBiology4/12/12

Fibrous proteins

Fibrous proteins are long filamentous protein molecules only found in animals.
Little or no tertiary structure.
Cross linkages at intervals forming long fibres or sheets.
Fibrous proteins form 'rod' or 'wire' -like shapes and are usually inert structural or storage
They are generally water-insoluble.…

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Reianna Shakil L6EFBiology4/12/12

The ends of parallel molecules are staggered, preventing weak areas from running across
the collagen fibre.


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