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Biology ­ The heart and how caffeine affects it
LO: to revise the cardiac cycle
To explain how caffeine affects the heart rate
Cardiac Cycle
Heart Relaxed ­ Atrio Ventricular Valves are open.
Deoxygenated blood flows from the vena cava into the right atrium. Oxygenated Blood from the pulmonary
vein flows into the Left Atrium. Blood passes into ventricles passively.
The SA node contracts ­ sends impulses through the atria.
The atria contract ­ forces additional bloody into the ventricles through the AtrioVentricular valves.…read more

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· Interphase ­ The cell in engaged in metabolic activity and performing its prepare for mitosis.
· Prophase The chromatin in the nucleus begins to condense and become visable in the light
microscope as chromosomes.
· Prophase The nucleolus disappears
· Prophase centrioles begin moving to opposite end of the cell.
· Metaphase ­ the nuclear membrane dissolves.
· Metaphase ­ spindle fires align the chromosomes along the middle of the cell nucleus.…read more


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