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Leaf function -Overview
· Chlorophyll
· Veins
· Stomata
· Waxy cuticle
· Upper & lower epidermis
· Palisade layer
· Spongy mesophyll
· Xylem & phloem…read more

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Energy flow
· Food chain
· Transfer of energy
· Farming ­ intensive & organic
· hydroponics
· biological control…read more

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Plants that grow without soil in a solution.
Usually in a greenhouse.
+ Mineral levels can be carefully controlled
Reduced risk of disease
- Plants have to be supported
- Expensive fertilisers…read more

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All food chains start
with a producer ­
Shows which organisms eat green plant.
which other organisms. Next is the primary
consumer -
Secondary consumer
- carnivore
Tertiary consumer
e.g. fox
Pyramid of
numbers…read more

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Lost by : egestion,
movement and
Advantages of biofuels
Cleaner than fossil fuels…read more

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